Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Endless Conversation: Dion Takes on Harper Over Rights

Mike. Dion may seem to have what it takes to take on Harper, but he will have to be whip smart and out-hustle this poor excuse for a sales-rep PM. It's funny how all the parties seem to be testing the waters in terms of looking at the reaction at the mere mention of the word: Constitution. Will there be debate on Senate reform? I'm seeing various Senators on both CBC and CTV Newsnet arguing with each other (Grits, as we all know, far outnumber the Tories in terms of voices heard, as I've been seeing the same prominent and outspoken Senators in the newsmedia. One just so happens to be from the same riding as Harper, I think.)

Anyways, this is what Stephane Dion has to deal with. He's made the choice of making Ignatieff his deputy, this may help him in so many ways, if not academically. I don't know who he'll call upon to be his mover in shaker. That could be Gerard Kennedy, but who knows in what department, and where's he been, anyways? I'll have to take a look. Is that kid elected anywhere, by the way?

What will Dion give the others that ran against him in such honorable fashion. The back room deals will innevatably unfold in front of us.

Strap in! This will get interesting once the budget is presented. It's funny, but I consider that day to be kinda like the Superbowl: high stakes and surprising (sometimes angry) results. Mike, you bring the dip, i'll supply the munchies.

Watch out! Constitution talk is in the air, and I hope that the conversation goes the right way, always shining a light on the permanence that will help cement the Charter of Rights. With all levels of government being given their chance to seal the deal for generations to come, this will be an exhibitionary display for all us political observers... this should be an excellent opportunity to get close to the action.

Kinda like covering the Superbowl, man. For Canada, of course.

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